Longines Welcomes Kate Winslet to the Museum in Saint-ImiersharetweetshareOn May 18, Swiss watch brand Longines welcomed actress Kate Winslet, among the brand's "Ambassadors of Elegance," for the headquarters in Saint-Imier the very first time. In her trip, the Oscar-winning actress, famed on her roles in "Titanic," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and last year's award-nominated turn in "Steve Jobs," visited the on-site Longines Museum and sought after a watch from its extensive collection for any very specific project.The elegant Longines timepiece that caught Winslet's eye belongs to the Flagship collection and you will be reissued through the company through the entire coming year, with proceeds from its sales to help the Golden Hat Foundation, a nonprofit organization co-founded through the actress in 2010, which can be committed to changing public understanding of people on the autism spectrum as well as highlighting the capabilities and immense potential of men and women with autism.Winslet, that has served as one of Longines' Ambassadors of Elegance for the past six years, was accompanied on her visit to send out longtime president, Walter von Känel, who led her over the production and assembly of Longines replica watches and also on a Longines Museum tour for the historical discover the Longines brand, that has been founded in 1832 from the same Swiss town that still produces timepieces.At the conclusion of the time, Winslet met with Longines employees and spoke a number of words about her experience and about the charity that addresses a concern near her heart."I was happy to learn that Longines is very in contact with its rich history , where it draws inspiration for creating new art work that adhere to its values," she said. "I am deeply grateful to Longines with the support they may have shown for your Golden Hat Foundation, a company that is dear to me, by re-issuing the watch i always have selected today philippe patek price . It makes me incredibly proud to be able to bring about raising awareness from the situation that face individual with autism. rolex 116520 I have faith that him or her will greatly take pleasure in the probability of studying to communicate, of receiving academic training as well as developing real social relationships."Longines includes a long tradition of supporting charitable causes, watches and counts among its other "Ambassadors of Elegance" such notable international stars as tennis champs Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, folks Men's Gymnastics Team, and actor Simon Baker. Kate Winslet joined the Longines family this year. For additional information about the brand, its history, its collection, as well as partnerships and Ambassadors of Elegance, visit Longines.com.sharetweetshare replica carrera tag heuer watches
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